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List of extinct Fauna in Indonesia.

1. Hiu karpet berbintik (Hemiscyllium freycineti)

Patterned skin is beautiful, this shark has a remarkable resemblance to the leopard skin. Hexagonal brown spots, with pale centers, filled in the entire upper body bagia. Small dark spots covering the snout, and large, dark, located just behind the pectoral fin. The second dorsal fin and anal fins placed behind the body, the tail thick at the shallow water habitats in coral reefs, sand and seaweed which thick, exist in areas of Papua.
2. Badak Jawa (Rhinoceros sondaicus)

can reach 2-4 meters in length, 170cm tall and weighed about 900 to 2.300 kg. His status is threatened, the WWF protect these animals, the Javan is one of the most endangered large mammal in the world. Name rhinoceros comes from the Greek for 'nose horn', and the Javan rhinoceros has one horn on its snout, like rhinoceros horn, do not have a bony core but consists of keratin fibers. Grown gray in color, and has the appearance of armored caused by folds in the hairy skin. We can see these animals in the National Park Ujung Kulon, Banten, Indonesia.

3. Babirusa Sulawesi (Babyrousa celebensis)

Classified into susceptible animals in extinction redaftar hewen data which is almost extinctin the world.
Sulawesi babirusa clearly known to inhabit the peninsula north and north-eastern part of Sulawesiand outreach should also include the centraleastern and south-east Sulawesi,although further studies on the classification / taxonomy of these animals is necessarybefore this can be confirmedWeighing up to 600kgand live in tropical rain forests.
4. Maleo (Macrocephalon maleo)
The size is 55-60 cm. Belong to an endangered animal populations, habitat on the island ofSulawesi and Buton. Living in the lowlands and the coast of this striking bird has a distinctive thin, dark on the crown of the head protector, face yellowish. Thighs black, andwhite belly, with a pink color on the dorsal (chest). This rare bird is usually silent, but,especially around the hive is to maintain, can emit sounds incredible. This includes the braying loudly and, when in the race, like ducks quacking.

5. Anoa dataran rendah (Bubalus depressicornis)
tail length40 cmhead + body length180 cmmale height27-37 cmfemale height: 18-26cmThis species is endemic to the island of Sulawesi, Indonesiawhere the range extendsabout 5,000 km ²As the name implies this type inhabits lowland forestsIt also occurs inmarshy areas and in the past recorded from coastal areas.6. Kelelawar berjenggot coklat dan ekor selubung (Taphozous achates)                        These bats have the mesih data are lacking, but the habitat is Indonesia                                          7. Kus-kus Sulawesi (Strigocuscus celebensis)                                                                          body length and tail almost sma loh gan Head-body length294-380 mmtail length270-373 mmSmall Sulawesi cuscus is a tinypossum-like marsupialswith softpale, and his fur is rather rareEndemic of Indonesiathis possum is only in Sulawesi and nearby islandsSangiheSiau and Muna.                                                                                             8. Anoa Pegunungan (Bubalus quarlesi)Head-body length: 150 cm, tail: 24 cm, shoulder height: 70 cm, the Horn: 15-20 cm.Mountain anoa is the animals that are endangered, these animals are wild cattlesubfamily, but due to its small size, it's more like a deer. Endemic mountain anoaIndonesia, there are only in the province of Sulawesi and the nearby island of Buton, verylittle is known about the habitat preferences of the mountain anoa, because it is a bit shyand who study it. These animals are known to live at an altitude between 500 and 2000meters, but reports differ on other habitats. Some say that the mountain anoa inhabit thedense forests that vegetationally varied, while other reports like the forest area is relativelyopen with plant density as for who said padadi surrounding open areas and water sources.                                                                                                                        9. Jalak bali (Leucopsar rothschildi)                                                                                               Panjang: 25 cm, Berat 85-90 gr. Populasinya sangat terancam,jalak Bali merupakan salah satu burung paling langka di dunia dan relatif baru bagi ilmu pengetahuan menjadi yang pertama dijelaskan pada 1912 oleh Walter Rothschild. pada jalak bali dewasa memiliki sayap putih dengan strip hitam, ekor tipis dan biru di sekitar mata. Hewan endemik bagi pulau Bali di Indonesia dan sebelumnya ditemukan di sepanjang barat laut dari pulau ketiga.Mendiami hutan monsun dan akasia sabana.

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